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Sylvain de Margerie, Managing Director and co-Founder of Food for Thought net-café, has a passion for people and food. Winner of the CBC TrainBlazer award, Sylvain has been volunteering for more than 4 years to bring good food to the tables of good people. As a retired entrepreneur and executive he now applies his knowledge and passion for social good.

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Doris de Margerie, Director and co-founder of Food for Thought net-café, has supported initiatives to improve nutrition in the Caldwell area for 3 years. Doris brings over 25 years of experience in project management and business development at Nortel Networks, CGI and  Unysis. Combined with her personal background of growing up in a disadvantaged environment she is committed to giving back to society.

Bruno Lepine, is a Director and co-Founder of Food for Thought net-café. Throughout his professional career and well before becoming a founding member of Food for Thought net-café, Bruno has always managed to maintain a balance between work and community involvement through Canadian Scouting Association where, in his community, he spent more than 10 years as a leader of multiple branches plus more than 12 years as a board member. His entrepreneurial background ranges from CEO and owner of a small company all the way to lead technical management role within two Fortune-500 companies. His ongoing participation in the net-café is an opportunity to reconnect with his community spirit.

Abhijit Potdar, Director of Food for Thought net-café, is a Management Professional with 20+ years of expertise in Program Management & Business Operations, in the Hospitality, Education and Non-profit sector. Managed school meals program at the Boston Public Schools, overseeing the production and delivery of over 2 million meals every year. Previous experience includes managing large food service operations in Hospitals and University setting. 


Passionate about community meals programs that create and increase access to healthy & nourishing meals to families and children facing food insecurity. Deep understanding of creating strategy and operations plans to manage large central kitchen facilities, logistics and delivery models. 


Currently leading the project of Rideau Community HUB, former Rideau HS which was repurposed into a Community HUB for Non-Profit Organizations.



Fabien Kalala Cimankinda, Director of Food for Thought net-café, grew up in the Caldwell neighbourhood of Ottawa and understands this and other disadvantaged communities very well. A successful entrepreneur, athlete, community leader and writer, his dedication to those around him is well known. He now spends a lot of his time in Congo helping his homeland, but his family is still in Ottawa and as a board member he keeps us focused on helping the community with dignity.

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